@jcaron said in Pysense Schematic Diagram: @sslupsky That's not my experience on the battery connector voltage. My devices (Pysense + LoPy) stop booting around 3.3V. A LiPo battery can't even provide 4.4V, I believe the max is around 4.1V. Are you sure it's not a problem of max current rather than voltage? Li-Ion max is typically 4.2 V. Full ack here on the missing schematics. I've spent already hours on reverse engineering the PySense (some info here https://forum.pycom.io/topic/3585/pysense-why-a-coprocessor/5) and find this very frustriating. I still don't get why they are doing this. Any counterfeiter would be able to copy the design within a few days, so for them the missing schematic is only a small hurdle. It does hurt us - the customers who have paid for the designs and are forced to trace lines on the PCB to figure out how to use it properly. BTW existing documentation of the PySense is very poor.