After two hours, Pymakr is still not working... no module named urllib2

  • Hello all,
    I put this topic here since the Pymakr subforum does not seem very active.
    After 2 hours trying to install Pymakr, I have the following message "no module named urllib2".
    I don't understand and I'm a bit confused by the huge complexity of the installation of this programming interface (when compared with Arduino).
    What I did :

    • installing Python 36-32
    • installing pip3
    • getting sip through pip3
    • getting PyQt5 through pip3
    • getting QScintilla through pip3
    • running of the Pymakr-master file

    All the dependencies are ok (supposedly) and eric6 (pymakr) installs.

    Then, running I have the message I mention 0_1491727497407_screenshot.png

    Really, I'm lost....
    Anybody has a clue of how to proceed ?
    Sincere thanks !

  • If you are looking for simple REPL through telnet I can recommend you to check out my Python script:

    Easiest way to get started :)

    If you want to write scripts for your device, like (a.k.a. modules) then you can do so in your favorite code editor and upload through ftp.

  • @LucD Pymakr is an abandoned tool. Better do not use it. Pycom is preparing Plugins for favorite standard tools. See:

Pycom on Twitter