WiFi question

  • On the WiPy 2.0 when does the wireless interface come up?

    I know I can disable both the wireless network and network server using the following code in my boot.py (before re-configuring them as required) but I was wondering if the default wireless access point and network server are active before the boot.py script is executed.

    import network
    server = network.Server()
    wlan = network.WLAN()


  • As you need to connect using wireless to modify 'boot.py' in the first place this makes disabling the wireless interface by default an 'interesting' challenge to a new user!

    Hopefully the wireless, bluetooth, etc are only started (if not already active) after 'boot.py' is executed.

  • @mike632t
    i suppose that all features like wifi, blootooth, lora, ... should be disabled at start
    maybe this can be achived by e.g. file existence on the flash.
    like boot.config

    if it does not exist - then all go same as is now
    but if it exists then it should be parsed

    but question remain open @daniel @bucknall can you point here something?

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