Is there a way to change LoRaWan DevEui ?

  • DevEui is automatically generated by the LoRaWan stack.
    Two questions :

    1. How is it generated from the Unique_Id ?
    2. Is there a way to change it (overload) by script ?

    Thx !

  • @bmarkus the idea is , as supposed by @jmarcelino , to make easier the field replacement of defective devices without loosing history (the application software is not easy to patch to take care of this kind of change).

  • It would be convenient, for example to replace a device in the field without much intervention at the backend or losing the history.

    Another option I'm exploring is getting a EUI64 block for our own projects (App EUIs etc) and it would be nice to have everything in the same range.

    From what I can tell the EUI is "burned" into the secure flash region and read at runtime by config_set_lpwan_mac()

  • Just curious, why do you want to change DEVEUI?

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