Root causes of high deep sleep current [LoPy1, WiPy2 and SiPy], all the new modules **do not have deepsleep issues**

  • how would that work for customers who bought from a distriutor, in my case elmwood in toronto, canada? please advise. thanx.

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    @PiAir Absolutely! Well noted. Thanks Fred

  • Quick question: for Kickstarter backers, with "order number" you mean "backer number" ?

  • Glad the problem has been identified and that the Pycom team is dedicated to solving the issue.

    A 20 mA deepsleep current was just under the limit to power our sensor stations for around a week on battery, but still very high of course. We are now looking for a solar panel solution in the mean while.

  • @robert-hh that's true. The redesigned expansion board (v3) will also include circuitry to shutoff that divider circuitry during deep sleep mode.

  • @Fred In another post on this blog I came along the voltage divider, which provides the battery voltage to P16 on the expansion board. At value sof 56k and 115k, this divider alone consumes about 20µA. Since most of the people aiming for deep sleep want to run the deive from battery, this is large compared to you aim at getting into the range of < 10 µA.

  • @Fred
    Sad that fix is not possible by firmware upgrade.
    but good that you find the exact problems and future shopping will be with fixed module.

    I'm not a mediator, but I understand that it was difficult to avoid this if it was not possible to test a previously running deepsleep mode because it was not implemented in the ESP-IDF.

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