Pymakr Atom Plugin released

  • After a good number of weeks developing, we are ready to announce that the Pymakr Atom plugin has been released to the Atom registry! It's got all the important features the old Pymakr app has, but build right into Atom. The old Pymakr desktop app will still be available to download, but will not be maintained anymore.

    To install the package, go ahead and:

    • Download and install Atom from
    • Open the settings page in Atom and go to the 'Install' tab
    • Perform a search for 'pymakr'
    • Pymakr 0.9.2 will show up on the bottom of the search results (because it doesn't have any reputation yet)
    • Click 'install'. This might take a minute or so, for installing all the dependencies.
    • Update your devices to the latest firmware (1.6.11.b1 or higher)

    The plugin features a REPL terminal on the bottom of the screen, that opens on startup. The terminal has all the features you're used to from the old Pymakr and commandline; directly running commands on the board, arrow keys for previous commands, tab to autocomplete, ctrl-b/c/d commands, copy paste support, and more.

    It has a row of action buttons just above the terminal that can be used to setup the board, run one file or sync your entire project to the board. You can also close the terminal, which will disconnect the board. It will remember the open/closed state when restarting atom so it's not in the way when you are using Atom for other projects.

    Initial config:
    To setup the board use the Settings button on the right top of the terminal. There you can enter the device address as an IP or comport. Change the username and password if needed. Now click the Connect button above the terminal and you are set!

    As soon as you have a project opened with your and file, you can go ahead and press the sync button to upload all files in your project to the board.
    If you have your python files in a subfolder of the project, there is a 'Sync folder' setting to tell the plugin which folder you want to sync to the board.

    Running code
    With any python file open, press the run button to run the code to the board. Any output will be printed to the terminal. Either wait for the script to finish or press the cancel button to stop the script.

    Useful links

    Some improvements we already have planned are:

    • Auto detect of comports
    • Running files even when they are not saved yet
    • Making the terminal panel resizable
    • Making a subset of the settings project specific

    Please let us know what you think of the plugin. Any feedback or questions are welcome. Bug reports can be posted on github. We'll stay active in bugfixing and improving the plugin, especially in this first period after release.

    Next up: the Visual Studio Code plugin!

    EDIT 0.9.4 released

    • Include precompiled serialport libs for mac and linux
    • Improved error handling and stability on sync
    • Running files is now possible for unsaved files
    • Bugfixes for pasting multiple lines and cmd-c/cmd-v commands.
    • Fixed connection issue when using telnet to a device's access point

    EDIT 1.0.0 released

    • Added project specific settings
    • Added serial port detection (in sub-navigation under the 'more' button)
    • Multiple bug fixes for synchronization over serial
    • Terminal height now resizable by dragging the top edge
    • Fixed 'failed to connect' bug when reconnecting on telnet

    EDIT 1.0.1 released

    • Multiple typo's and small bugfixes
    • Added an option to get the wifi AP SSID from the board
    • UI updates including pycom logo
    • Increased maximum lines in terminal to 5000

    EDIT 1.0.2 released

    • Added timeout and reconnect logic on serial connection (useful for pysense/pytrack sleep)
    • Pysense/pytrack serialport detection
    • Bugfix related to project settings not refreshing (issue #23)
    • Ignoring hidden and empty subfolders during synchronize

    EDIT 1.0.3 released

    • Fixes issues with serialport library on windows32 and problems in newer atom versions (1.17.2 and 1.18)

    EDIT 1.1.0 released

    • Big refactor to get a shared base code with the VSCode plugin
    • Added 'open_on_start' config
    • Fixes issues with serialport lib for newer versions of atom
    • Bugfix in the run feature on linux.
    • More relaxed keep-alive protocol on telnet (ping has to fail twice before connection break)

    EDIT 1.2.0 released

    • Splits 'sync' into 'download' and 'upload'
    • Adds detection for selected project in the tree-view
    • Better stability for upload

  • @ralph Though it was showing in packages updated to 1.2.0, it didn't activate. I've tried to toggle from packages menu in Atom. But it didn't show up anything. I'll tag you as soon as after creating the issue on Github.

  • @devang-sharma What do you mean the console was not toggled? The plugin didn't activate? If so, please create an issue on github providing the versions you are using and OS info so we can help you out

  • I've updated Pymakr Plugin to version 1.2.0 but the console was not toggled. It is not still stable version. Please fix.

  • @ralph
    hi, I reverted to pymakr 1.1.5 and now its fine again.

  • @raxy @soren @jhoguaman As posted on the github issue, I'll take a look at this soon! Hope it doesn't hold you guys back too much. For now you could roll back to the previous version or use visual studio code

  • @raxy Of course, I reported this bug yesterday (25-10-2017). There is not response yet.

  • @jhoguaman
    good to know !
    would you please post a bug report on the github as nothing will be fixed if we only complain in htis forum ?

  • @raxy @soren Yes, friends, I have gone back to pymakr 1.1.1 to continue working, this version is stable. We hope that a new version of Pymakr will solve this problem.

  • @raxy
    it is in fact related to pymakr v1.2.0
    atom v1.21.1 x64 + pymakr v1.2.0 also fails on win7 (Writing to COM port (GetOverlappedResult): Operation aborted) !
    my firmware for lopy is dated 2017-09-01 (v1.8.6-760)

    HELP !

  • @jhoguaman
    mee too !!!
    seems to be related to win10 : atom v1.21.1 x64 + pymakr v1.2.0; on my win7 machine, no problem w/ atom v1.21.1 x64 + pymakr 1.1.1

  • @jhoguaman me too

  • @ralph Hi friend, I just uploaded this version (V1.2.0) and Atom (1.21.1). I can RUN my projects, but when I want 'sync' -- 'upload', I am gettin this error:
    Error: Writing to COM port (GetOverlappedResult): Operation aborted)
    Thanks for your atention.

  • Another update, a bigger one this time:

    V1.2.0 - Download feature and multi project support

    • Splits 'sync' into 'download' and 'upload'
    • Adds detection for selected project in the tree-view
    • Better stability for upload

    Please let me know if you have any feedback on these new features!

  • @mahe me too.. was away from the lopy for 5 months, and hoped things would have become more stable with the atom plugin... pretty disappointed

  • @ralph


    I'm still experience problems though:

    Synchronizing failed: undefined. Please reboot your device manually.

  • @jaltet @mahe If you didn't notice yet, we deployed an update on Friday (v1.1.4) that solves the issue introduces in 1.1.3.

    Let me know if this is indeed the case on your machines.

  • @mahe
    Hi! I have had the same problem today.
    Pymakr 1.1.3 in Atom (Windows) gives the same error:

    Reading file status
    Synchronizing failed: timeout. Please reboot your device manually

    I solved the problem by uninstalling Pymakr 1.1.3 and reinstalling Pymakr 1.1.1

    To do so, I used the apm command like this:

    apm install Pymakr@1.1.1

    I got the 1.1.1 version from

    I hope this will work for you.

  • @ralph Thanks. Our problem solved.

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