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  • Hi, I am trying to setup Pymakr as an Atom plugin using a USB connection on Windows 10. I cannot get the Pycom console to connect. I have tried various formats for the serial connection in the Pymakr settings. Does anyone know how you should enter the connection setting for COM6. Is it /dev/USB Serial Port (COM6). This does not work BTW. Thanks

  • Good to hear this is solved. For your information: we're planning a new feature soon that auto detects the available comports for you. That should solve these confusions in the future.

  • @bucknall Thanks. If it helps, what is confusing is that in the section that talks about a USB connection under Windows, it has an image of the settings field that is populated with a sample entry for a Mac. Just changing that image to show COM6 (say) would really help. Thanks again

  • @Lateralleap I wrote up the docs for Pymakr, so I'll make sure that I update this to make it a little bit more clear!

  • @bucknall That worked. I had tried many combinations including (COM6) and I thought I had tried just "COM6" but obviously not

    Many thanks for your help

    @PyCom Would be worth including a complete example of the Windows syntax in the documentation

  • That's really kind of you. Thanks so much. I will give that a try

  • @Lateralleap It seems that the COM port isn't giving any acknowledgement when it actually connects. You just need to type:


    Into the settings and it will connect. I suggest that once you've done, press the reset button on the device and you'll see the restart information (confirming that the device is connected!).

    Let me know how you get on,



  • Hi @Lateralleap, I believe it should just be "COM6" - I'm using a Mac currently, but I'll jump over to a Windows 10 machine to test this for you!

    I'll message back in a few minutes -



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