Firmware upgrade for Win XP users

  • Hello,
    I appologize if this question has been already answered, but I could not find any relevant info within a reasonable time.
    I was wondering if there is an alternative way (without using Pycom updater) to upgrade firmware on WiPy v.2? The reason I am asking is that the latest updater simply does not work in Windows XP.
    I have read that it's possible to copy the binary image of the new firmware over ftp, but I cannot find the bin file corresponding to the latest firmware update on Pycom website.

    I also noticed you there several places on the forum were links to updater are misspelled, for example:
    And last not but not least. I don't know what engine is used for this forum but I cannot edit the post, the cursor can move only to the beginning of the post or to the end i.e. all text in the middle is not available for editing. Have never seen anything like that - weird.

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