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    Dear All,

    I wanted to take time and welcome you to Pycom's forum!

    I hope you are having fun with the LoPy and WiPy which you will have recently received. We are mindful that there is still a busy roadmap of firmware deliverables for you to get the best out of the modules however rest assured that we are measuring progress on a daily basis. We will not stop until you are getting what you paid for! It goes without saying that the entire team shares this belief.

    Over the next few months we will be releasing more modules to ensure our dev community has the right tools for the job... whether that is in your spare time or whether that is to help launch a new IoT product. Whatever your needs, we hope to have something here which does the job. Clearly though we will not progress to the next stage of our plans until we have delivered against existing products.

    And now for the topic of Open Source. We will be making all Pycom Firmware Open source. Our absolute intent is to ensure you get to do what you want with the boards. We want to have you share your work and support each other. We do however need to put some admin / Technical stuff together and I expect this to be done within the next couple of weeks. Our goal has never been to make it closed source for developers but to give us some time to ensure we are able to give the community the openness required for the boards whilst protecting our efforts vs manufacturing copy cats looking for a free ride. We need to ensure we can continue funding our product range and the development associated with it. This however cannot be at the detriment of the thousands of developers keen to access code! We will release the source code on Git hub with the relevant Open source licence to support your efforts.

    Thank you again for all your support and again, any comments, feedback, criticisms, praise :) feel free to email me fred@pycom.io

    Best wishes


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    @Xykon Hi and thanks for the great input. Yep I can confirm we will put the code and licence on GitHub... we will also release the schematic you require although Daniel has chosen a fancy piece of art for you all :) expect to see that Monday.

    Keep up the great work! Our job is to build these modules but you guys bring them to life!

    Will look out for the cool applications.

    Cheers Fred

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    This is the image I was trying to upload in the previous post which I can't seem to edit.

    alt text

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    @Fred Thanks for the update which is very much appreciated.

    I would also recommend putting the documentation from https://docs.pycom.io onto github so people can (a) get a local copy and (b) submit bugfixes via github. I've come across several bugs in the demo code like missing brackets in the SPI bus quick-reference example.

    I totally understand your need to protect your manufacturing and hardware design, and I could certainly manage without exact schematics or values of passive components. Something like this would be a good start.

    ![0_1477494074288_esp32_pinmap.png](Uploading 100%)

    Secondly a block diagram to understand how the components of the LoPy are connected internally would also be extremely helpful. For example which pins are connected to the RGB LED (which is awfully bright btw.) or how to switch between onboard and external antenna.

    That being said I think the LoPy is an awesome product and I look forward to it reaching its full potential.

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