Pycom git repository mix-up?

  • Hello everyone!

    While playing with the latest update for my WiPy 2.0 I noticed that the deepsleep function from machine is working pretty fine. I was pretty confused after I looked into the repo for the ESP32 based WiPy (e.g. because the deepsleep and sleep functions are empty and marked with TODO flags.

    Making my way through the other repos I noticed another fork called pycom-micropython-sigfox which I thought was only for the sigfox. In this repo these methods are implemented completely.

    Tl;dr: You can’t compile and flash the firmware as described.
    I’m aware that this platform is also based on an ESP32 but anyway with the current description you are not able the compile the firmware because the makefile is completely different and if you are not attentive you are never able to compile the application and flash the firmware including the bootloader for example.

    Last but not least there is one more duplicate fork called pycom-micropython-censis and I don’t have any clue about the purpose for this one.

    We made a few changes to the pycom MicroPython fork e.g. bringing back the DHT22 native support and implemented a support for the WPA2-Enterprise network security standard. But it is super annoying to work on an outdated and abandoned fork of the firmware.

    So my question: Which repo is the right one? And please get a straight and logical structure of your repos if you want to include the community in the development process.

  • @Immondizia
    The current repo is pycom-micropython-sigfox for all 3 boards

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