OEM Modules (W01/L01/G01) Power Requirements

  • Two related questions about power. The spec sheets say 3.3V regulated input, but don't give much more detail.

    1. Is there any tolerance here at all (having some tolerance opens up more power supply options, especially when a primary battery is the power source)?
    2. What about in deep-sleep mode (can the modules operate at a lower voltage when sleeping)?

  • @Eric24 we will update the data sheets with more detailed info about operating ranges soon, but in the meantime, from 2.7 to 3.6 V is the recommended range. Same during deep sleep.

  • @Eric24 Unless the schematics are present, that is hard to tell. The ESP32 datasheet itself is a little bit vague, but as far as I can tell from it, it says:
    Analog sections: 2.3 .. 3.6 V
    Digital sections: 1.8 .. 3.3 V
    It also talks about a VBat voltage in the range 2.8 .. 3.3 V, which is not mentioned anywhere else.
    So, I would assume that the proper range is 2.8 .. 3.3V. You must not exceed 3.3V. Current consumption is about 250mA peak, and you need a low impedance power source.
    If running from battery, like a Li-Ion one with a voltage range form 4.2 .. 2.8 V, you ought to use an external regulator, like for instance the Pololu S7V8F3 or S7V8A, which provide a stable output for an input range of 2.7 .. 11.8 V

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