What is enabled on power-up?

  • What on-module devices are enabled automatically on power-up (i.e. depending on the module, BLE, WiFi, LoRa, heartbeat LED, etc.)? And more specifically, where are they enabled (apparently not in boot.py)? My observation is that "everything" is enabled and that it's possible to disable or "repurpose" (i.e. change WiFi from AP to STA mode) specific devices in boot.py or later, but ideally, I would like everything to come up disabled, so I can enable what I need without incurring the time and power-consumption of enabling it in the first place (if I'm just going to immediately turn it off). For example, I may want to power up (or wake up from a deep-sleep) with no radios on, then turn on the LoRa radio if I decide I need to.

  • Hi @Eric24,

    I might be incorrect on this but I believe that when you wake from deep sleep, the device should start up with the radios turned off.

    Regardless, you should be able to configure the radios to remain off at power on by tweaking and building the firmware yourself. I'll make this suggestion to have an option to disable radios baked into our official Firmware itself.

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