Hackster.io Pycom Challenge... Announcing the winner!

  • As you may have known, Pycom hosted a competition in March to find the best project shared on to our Hackster.io community! It was a difficult decision but we finally decided on a winner...

    Drum Roll Please...

    Congratulations Rob Braggaar!

    Rob’s won a €99-voucher for the Pycom Webshop allowing him to choose his prize!

    We were super impressed with Rob’s ‘LoRa Smart Parking Meter’ project (https://www.hackster.io/rob-braggaar/smart-parking-node-7dbf18) and are really pleased that he shared it on our Hackster.io community!

    We were generally really impressed with the submissions so we’ll be reaching out to all of those who have submitted and will be sending each of you, a Pycom T-Shirt!

    Thanks again everyone who got involved with the challenge! Don’t worry if you missed out, this won't be our last challenge - keep and eye on this space, there will be other fun opportunities in the near future!

  • Thanks a lot Pycom :)

    Happy to share more projects once I have some time to write them up!

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