The Pymate Mobile App Beta has started.

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    Pymate is the perfect companion for your Pycom boards. It helps you manage and control your boards and visualise the data you are collecting.
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    To get you going, we’ve given you some very simple steps to follow.
    Feel free to play around and let us know what you think. Found a bug? let us know on or drop us a line on the Forum:


    1. Download the Pymate app following the steps you will receive from apple.
    2. Open the app and register using your email
    3. Start adding your devices using the easy to setup steps
    4. Add widgets to your device dashboard (Hint: the led on your board is digital pin 16 (use a button widget for this) and the hearth beat led is the analog pin 25 (use a slider for this).
    5. Press the play button to start working in real time with your device.

    More Hints

    • The widgets can be resized or moved around while in “stop” mode
    • The widgets can be edited while in stop mode by long pressing them
    • To work with virtual pins simply connect to your device using FTP and edit the library called

  • Any comment to that from @Bettina?

  • For me the wizard just hang looking for my WiFi router

    Don't know if this issue already have been raised

  • setup wizard is hanging randomly by "downloading files" ...

    you are pointing to for information about the recovery mode but there is no information at all. The search form on this site returns not a single match while searching for "recovery"!

    In the end I could switch to save mode and the mobile phone loaded something up. But after reconnecting to my initial WiFi with the phone an a reset on the LoPy the mobile could not find the device. Frustrating!

  • Today I tried your app and now I have some questions about the technical background and feedback. My mobile phone is connected to the local WiFi, but in the installation process you are asking about my SSID an phrases. Hmm, for a not so technical person this sounds not serious. I think you need it for configurating the LoPy for the local WiFi, but I do not know it, just a guess. So please explain WHY you would like to know it. Second: My LoPy is already connected to the local network. Why should I set it in AP mode? Again I guess you would like to setup a new code base to the device but I don't know and my old code will be deleted. Will it? Is it lost? So please tell your audience a bit more why they should or must make things. Do you have a UX guy on board?

    ... and please avoid marketing speach in the board "perfect companion" for a beta release. And copy'n'pasting standard text as initial post looks not like an appreciation, we are here in the forum so you do not need to point us to the forum.

  • @bucknall I sent a mail to the with the same explanation.

  • Hi @nukeburns, really sorry you're experiencing this trouble with your app. Would you mind jumping onto a private message so I can help you get up and running?


  • this app crashed whole my lopy don't install this app. I'm hating this app. Wifi don't start anymore can't update software don't install this app if you want to use your device.

  • Pybytes Beta

    Hi @Roberto,

    thanks a lot for your answer. I just sent an email as you suggested

    Kind regards


  • Hi @antlomb,
    You wont be able to see the app in the App Store for now, since it is in Beta testing (not in the app store yet)
    To join the beta testing program please send an email to with

    Last Name:

    We will process your invite and you will receive an email from Apple under the name of TestFlight with the instructions to download the app beta version.

    Roberto Marques

  • Pybytes Beta

    Hello, I was going to try the beta app, but could not find it in the app store.
    Can you help me ?
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Kind regards

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