Pytrack / Pysense delivery status - LATEST INFO

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    Dear All,

    I wanted to reach out and give you an update with regards to delivery status for the Pysense and Pytrack shields.

    I am pleased to say that the firmware has been completed thanks to a passionate dev team working late nights and weekends. They have cracked the last few issues we were facing. The final firmware file will be sent to our factory by Tuesday evening in order to have all shields flashed in factory. The modules are already manufactured and the first batches will be turned around within a couple of days which means they will be shipped to us Friday 19th May for receipt in Europe 22nd May. We will turnaround all pre-orders within 48 hours.

    You will have noticed in parallel that documentation (pinouts) for the shield has been appearing on the website More documentation will be uploaded onto the documentation portal over the next few days.

    Thank you for your incredible patience over these past few weeks.

    Best wishes Fred

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    @Fred UPDATE

    Dear All,

    The Pysense/Pytrack modules have arrived in the UK and we are busy making arrangements to ship the many backorders. Our goal is to have everything shipped by Tuesday next week. You will, no doubt, have started to receiving order acknowledgements confirming completion of orders.


    Best wishes Fred

  • @daniel
    one more question - for GPS is it possible to attach external antenna?
    Because i do not see it on Pin-out

  • @daniel
    Question about External IO Header
    Why numbering on oposite side

    2    4   6  8   10
    1    3   5  7   9

    not as

    10  9   8  7   6
    1    2   3  4   5

    We are accustomed to markings as in integrated circuits

  • Hello,

    We will publish the libraries for the GPS and Accelerometers and the rest of the sensors shortly. In the meantime, here are the Pin-out sheets:

    The expected consumption during deep sleep is between 10 and 15uA (with the GPS in back-up mode).

    The interrupt of the accelerometer is wired.


  • hi,

    Some question about the Pytrack module :
    -What is the expected consumption in deep sleep ?
    -is the accelerometer interupt. lines wired ? ( The ST-LIS2HH12 chip have 2 int. line , have they been used in Pytrack design ? )


    St├ęphane A.

  • Pybytes Beta

    When will you post about the GPS API reference, and an example would be great to start.

  • Pycom Ambassadors

    Hi! Any updates? I look forward to experimenting with the board.

  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your understanding with the many delays. We needed a few more days to implemented all the features that we wanted to have on the firmware. I'm happy to announce that our EMS partner began with the flashing and testing process today and the boards will be shipped to us at the end of this week. We will start shipping the orders as soon as the Pytracks and Pysenses arrive to our UK warehouse early next week.


  • Thanks for your fast answer and clarification!

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    Rest assured we are doing everything to shorten every possible timeline however we cannot release a product with a firmware issue simply to make a timeline. Some elements have simply taken alot more time to crack.

    The reason for the firmware is USB to serial connection, general power mgt for the sensors and the Pycom modules themselves.

    Thank you again for ALL your patience

    Best wishes Fred

  • @Fred can you clarify why, in the first place, there is firmware required on the pytrack? Is this related to the deep sleep issues?

    Honestly I am a little upset as this is the second time you are moving the delivery date:
    Originally advertised for the 17th April you had to admit delays and promised to be shipping with 2 weeks delay. The now promised delivery date is more than a month behind original schedule.

    Anyhow, I'm looking for the toys to arrive =)

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