Firmware problems

  • Hi, I am still getting up to speed with my Lopy but I am facing loads of issues that appear to be related to firmware versions.

    First I am facing "Connection Already Closed" after a Bluetooth.connect(). There is a forum post saying downgrade to 1.4.0.b1 . So I did. It worked great... for a bout 5 hours (100 syncs?). Then suddenly I get "Synchronization failed: could not write file". (Using the atom editor)

    I searched that one in the forums it say upgrade to the latest. I have gone back and forth between firmware version and doing os.mkfs("/flash"). Nothing fixes the problem

    What is the most stable version of the firmware to use?

    I´m spending hours and hours just to discover bugs that are reported months ago but not fixed in the firmware. When can we expect to see fully fleshed out stabilized firmware. I suppose it was written somewhere but I didn't realize when I bought it that is still a product in development.

    Sorry if I sound a bit cranky. I think the product concept is ideal for my project and I really want to make more progress but so far I am getting nowhere.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid that is not the problem though.

    I do this:

    • Use Pycom Firmware updater to update to latest. (1.6 something)
    • Power Cycle
    • Connect USB.
    • REPL is ready
    • import os
    • os.mkfs("/flash")
    • Sync Files works fine

    Then I do this
    I do this:

    • Use command lie tool to downgrade firmware to 1.4 something
    • Power Cycle
    • Connect USB.
    • REPL is ready
    • import os
    • os.mkfs("/flash")
    • Sync Files fails

    Based on this, I feel sure there is no code running on the board.

    Also, the REPL prompt is active and ready when I click sync files so I know there is a good usb connection

    Really, if possible I would rather address the Bluetooth Issue. Atom file sync works just fine with the latest firmware. It is Bluetooth that should be fixed.

    Any chance a blue tooth fix is coming soon?

  • Hi @thrag,

    Regarding the issue you're having with Atom please try the following to synchronise your device -

    In the case of a board that has already has code uploaded to it and is running a loop/non-exiting script, the board may not boot into a REPL.

    Solution: If the board is currently running code, you will need to exit the current script before proceeding:

    1. Ensure your board is connected to your computer
    2. Press the reset button on the device
    3. Press ctrl-c on within the Pymakr console to exit the current script/program

    The REPL should then appear with the '>>>' prompt and you will be able to run/sync your code.

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