LoPy gets hot

  • Sometimes when I leave the board powered for a long time I discover that it gets hot, and I can't connect to it through telnet.
    I try to ping the board to but I get a response from that destination cannot be reached. I don't know how that address camed up.
    The board is powered at 3.8V on VIN pin.
    Does anybody have any idea? Does that have to do with sleep / idle times?

  • @lebucur The Lopy warms up a little bit when running. Can you estimate how worm it get's. It's normal that it gets a little bit warmer than environmental temperature, so it feels warm, but you should still be able to touch it without without any pain.
    Is it the deviec in total or a specific component?

  • Hello, here is my boot.py (main.py is empy):

    print('>>> boot.py >>>')
    ap_ssid = 'lopy'
    ap_pass = 'pwd'
    known_nets = {
        'net': \
            {'pwd': 'netpwd', 'wconfig': ('', '', '', '')}
    import machine
    if machine.reset_cause() != machine.SOFT_RESET:
        from network import WLAN
        wl = WLAN() #get wlan handler
        wl.mode(WLAN.STA) #station mode / not AP
        available_nets = wl.scan() #find nearby wireless networks
        nets = frozenset([e.ssid for e in available_nets])
        known_nets_names = frozenset([key for key in known_nets])
        net_to_use = list(nets & known_nets_names)
            net_to_use = net_to_use[0]
            net_properties = known_nets[net_to_use]
            pwd = net_properties['pwd']
            sec = [e.sec for e in available_nets if e.ssid == net_to_use][0]
            if 'wconfig' in net_properties:
                #wl.ifconfig(config=net_properties['wconfig']) # comment line for statip ip
            wl.connect(net_to_use, (sec, pwd), timeout=10000)
            import ubinascii # MAC decode
            mac = ubinascii.hexlify(wl.mac(),':').decode()
            print("MAC " + mac)
            while not wl.isconnected(): #wait for connection
                machine.idle() # save power while waiting
        except Exception as e:
            print("Failed to connect to any known network, going into AP mode")
            wl.init(mode=WLAN.AP, ssid=ap_ssid, auth=ap_pass, channel=6, antenna=WLAN.INT_ANT)
    print('<<< boot.py <<<')

  • Hi @lebucur,

    Could you double check the code that is running on the device - if you could post your boot.py/main.py we might be able to help you resolve this!

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