[SOLVED] PyTrack USB Driver

  • I receive 2 pieces of PyTrack yesterday :-) But when i connect them to my PC with usb i have the message below.
    Question: is there a specific usb driver for PyTrack ? On the board, the usb bridge is a PIC16 LF14459.

    Thanks in advance for help ;-)


  • @stef I would like to test your GPS lib. Can you post it please ? Thanks :-)

  • @ederle , nice to see that it's help.

    By the way , i manage to get the GPS working , if anyone need code before official release , i can post it.

    St├ęphane A.

  • @stef works fine on windows 7 64 bits. thanks :-)

  • @stef thanks for the help. I will test quickly.

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    I know this is not directly related to the question from the OP, but I did manage to get the boards to work on Ubuntu Linux.

    The trick is to disable the modem manager via sudo systemctl stop ModemManager.service and sudo systemctl disable ModemManager.service

    I thought I'd mention this here in case anyone else is searching for this.

  • Hello,

    On any linux, Mac OS and for Windows 10 and up no driver is needed. There's a tiny driver to be installed for previous versions of Windows. We will release it together with instructions tomorrow.


  • Hi all ,
    Got same problem here ,
    I built a working driver from MicroChip MLA
    0_1496334483000_rename to zip.pdf
    rename the file to .zip , unpack and use it when ask for driver ( it's just a modded .inf ) , work for me with Putty ( defaut 115200 bauds)
    got a small bug with Pymakr ( open and instant close ) , will investigate that later .

    hope it help.

    Stephane A.

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    The only PC with Windows 7 x64 I have is my work notebook... I tried to craft an .inf file for the PyTrack but it wouldn't install due to missing driver signatures, which are enforced on this notebook and I don't have the rights to change that.

    If you're desperate you could download a free copy of Windows 10 to run in a virtual machine until PyCom releases proper drivers for old operating systems.

    I'm currently trying the latest version of Ubuntu Linux... the board is recognised as /dev/ttyACM0 but I'm not getting any serial output from my LoPy yet. That part is working fine in Windows 10 so this must be a Linux specific problem.

    I don't have any Mac so cannot try MacOS.

  • @Xykon thank you for the answer. I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bits.

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    I did a quick test of the PyTrack on Windows 10 x64 and it is detected automatically. It's using the standard Microsoft USB2SER driver.

    For older Windows systems it might be necessary that Pycom releases an .inf file so that Windows knows to use the default usb serial driver.

    I can check more on this later.

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