L01 and W01 OEM modules are here :)

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    Dear all,

    We thought you would like to know that our NEW OEM L01 and W01 are now in stock! We will be shipping to all our customers today :)


    Best wishes

  • @jmarcelino Thanks for the clarity on this - I'll make sure @daniel is aware of this. We'll work to make this easier for those using the reference boards. If you've got any additional points that you'd like to suggest, please let me know! I'm going to roll this up into an email, so would be good to collect these points!

  • @silicon
    You're not alone. I also found the L01 difficult module to solder by hand, the module (or the reference board?) soaks up a lot of heat - probably due to high number of layers - which seemed to cause the L01 PCB to warp up slightly and shift.

    If the shorts are underneath the pads - happened to me - I think it's pretty much a goner unless you have a PCB pre-heater or hotplate system- and even if you do you have to take much care not to exceed the reflow temperature of module itself, in my case I later found the Flash BGA chip balls had melted and slipped under the chip while trying to recover.

    In another experiment I clamped the module down at both ends so it's stable throughout the process , used a much higher temperature (I think 380C), lots of flux and carefully soldered the pads. That worked a lot better.

    I understand the reference board is constrained by the dimensions of the development kits but really does not help what is already a challenging module. Hopefully we'll have an easier, more spacious, breakout board to play with soon.

  • @silicon What equipment are you using to solder with? If you're struggling with a conventional soldering iron, take a look at this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoLf8gvvXXU&t=626s). Dave (the presenter) has some good tips for getting the best solder flow!

    Let me know how you get on!



  • I got my OEM reference board yesterday. Soldering the L01 OEM module to the board didn't go as planned.

    Recognizing the fine pitch of the pads I did try to practice on the GND pins that are together. Still end up shorting a few pins. Removing the shorts was not easy at all. I have not been able to remove a few shorts.

    Any suggestions on removing the shorts before I abandon the board. Any tips on making this successful next time.


  • Someone post a screenshot of free heap size!

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    @jmarcelino Hey Jose! Thank you for the order :) perfect each reel is 500 units hermetically sealed. I am sure you will reach that number in no time. Cheers Fred

  • Awesome! Ordered 10 L01s a few minutes ago - and already have a shipping notification. Great service!

    But those reels look sweet, is it 500 to get one? Need to up my game :-)

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