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    The full Pymakr IDE has arrived!

    We are happy to say that our new IDE version is now fully released for all Windows, Linux Debian, Linux Red Hat and OS X. If you’re already hacking with Pycom boards, you should download this new version to benefit from new cool features. These include an updated look and better still:
    Project synchronization.
    Automatic code upload.
    Firmware upgrade detection.
    Click to run file.
    In case you’ve missed what this is all about and have’t already swatted up on Pymakr, here’s some light info:

    It’s a fully featured IDE that connects automatically to your Pycom devices via Telnet Server or serial port, runs your code on the fly, manages the internal file system, synchronizes your code instantly and runs it with just one click.
    It also takes care of firmware upgrades and includes a built in console that interfaces with the MicroPython REPL.

    So, if you haven’t yet tried it and you’ve got a little LoPy coming later this month, we’d recommend you go and get it to make sure you’re completely brand spanking ready for action.

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