Updater Fails on all platforms

  • Hi, When i run the updater i get the error "Something failed trying to contact the server.". I have tried on linux, windows and OSX.

  • Thanks for the super fast reply @robert-hh

    • I am using bare board
    • yes i can successfully connect to the device- in normal boot i get the python prompt, and with the jumper on GP23 i get "waiting for download"
    • Pc is connected to the internet
    • As above GPIO0 is tied to ground

    I have just solved the issue- i had selected the south african server in the menu, which failed.
    I now selected Europe (because it's also RCZ1) and this worked perfectly.

    Thanks again for the help!

  • @shaulf Some questions:

    • Which set-up are you using? Bare board or board with expansion board.
    • Can you connect via USB to the device (using e.g. Linux picocom, Windows Putty or OS X Screen) and get a Python prompt? The devices are semnt with a firmware loaded.
    • Does PC you are using have a connection to the internet.
    • Did you connect GPIO0 (= GP23 or P2) to GND and reset the device, before you started loading?

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