SiPy UART read with RS485 communication

  • Hello, I'm trying to communicate with an Arduino through a RS485 module.
    Writing from the SiPy to the Arduino works, however the opposite doesn't.
    When I try to read the UART, it either returns the TX buffer or nothing.

    Here's my configuration :
    RS485 RO <=> SiPy expansion board G24
    RS485 DI <=> SiPy expansion board G11
    RS485 Enable transmission/ Enable reception jumped together <=> SiPy expansion board G16

    My code to set the uart and pin :

    from machine import UART
    from machine import Pin

    uart = UART(1, 9600)
    uart.init(9600, bits = 8, parity = None, stop = 1, pins = ('P3', 'P4') )#TX/RX

    p_out = Pin('P9', mode = Pin.OUT)

    I already checked if the signal is going through the RS485 and it does.
    I don't know where the problem could be.

  • To enable reception you need to put your p_out to FALSE.

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