TTN LoraWan GW not 100% stable

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm experiencing issues with the LoraWan GW TTN code provided in the example, the GW crashes after several hours. When I reset the GW is seen again and I cannot find the route cause. (My LoPy is updated to latest firmware). Is there someone in the community that is running a TTN GW lopy based that is super stable ?

  • @jmarcelino OK I will try this in order to get more information when a crash is happening. To what I've seen I'm not the only one having similar issues.

  • @PiAir
    Remote logging would be excellent but unfortunately once it crashes all remote stuff is off the table.

    In my case I'm using an OpenLog (actually a clone) to record the serial output from the LoPy to an SD card.

  • Mine isn't stable either, but more like crashing (showing up as disconnected on TTN) once every couple of days, maybe a week or so. Since I use it for development, it wasn't / isn't really an issue.
    Don't know about options to add logging to the micropython script on the server so at least we can get a better idea of what it causing the disconnection.

  • @blackansible said in TTN LoraWan GW not 100% stable:

    his was an isolate problem.

    I will continue to investigate to find the route cause, maybe someone at pycom can help?

  • I experience this problem yesterday after 2 hours. . I thought this was an isolate problem.

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