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    Dear All,

    It looks like another busy week on the forum with some great input by all members. It really is a pleasure to see the level of contribution ongoing. Yet I also share your frustrations regarding some of the issues you are facing. I wanted to update you all (as unless you are mind readers) you will have no idea what we are doing in the background!

    1. Opensource; Hoping to have this released in circa 1 week. Nearly there but just a question about the licence being finalised. Once you have access to the source code you will at least start to also be more in control.
    2. Documentation: Totally agree: NOT enough of them! We are hoping to have someone join the team in the next few days whom will beef up the documentation for us. The offer is out and so a question of time before you see the info on the forum,
    3. Diagram: Monday we will release a pin-out diagram for the LoPy. Give us feedback on the release and if you need more info thereafter just reach out.
    4. Firmware updates: We are working on getting the co-existence release out ASAP but still need Espressif to modify a few things. The last firmware test (last night) still reported errors so we are awaiting more input from Teo and the team. I expect some files back in the next few days. It is a priority for us to get all network bearers up and running. Timers, TLS, Multi-threading all that is also priority for us and Daniel will release a more detailed plan shortly but ultimately I do not want to see you waiting on us past 11th November,

    Thanks Fred

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    Hello, I just received my first WiPy 2.0 and I just registered to the community.
    Yes, please, a weekly update would be great to read !

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    @digsatman Hi, It will be. Thats going to be an action for me. Thanks Fred

  • Not seen a weekly update before - most welcome to know what is going on behind the scenes and what's planned with some idea of timescale. Hope this is a regular feature.

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