Additional I2C device on pytrack

  • One of my Lopy's is connected to an expensionboard. It was possible for me to connect a SSD1306 OLED to view some data while not connected to my computer.

    For my other Lopy connected to a Pytrack i can't find the way how to connect another device to the ic2 ports via de external io-ports. What is the proper way to accomplish this?

  • Thanks for the input. However, i already did use P9 en P10 for buttons. I'm using the pytrack for a movable cache (geocaching) and need some more user interaction than - probably - normaly would be used with an iot-device.

  • @kringloper As far as I can see in the documentation, there is the external IO connector, and at least P9, P10 and P11 are available at that connector, as well as 3.3V Vcc and GND. You may use these for an I2C display

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