LIS2HH12 embedded temperature sensor

  • I noticed in the LIS2HH12 accelerometer used on the PyTrack datasheet there is an embedded temperature sensor. I managed to read the sensor using registers 0x0B and 0x0C and they change nicely when I heat/cool the PyTrack board. However, I can't find any docs on how to convert the value from that registers into a values in degrees Celcius. Any suggestions? I'm aware that it will be hard to use the sensor for measuring environment temperature as it's placed directly below the ESP32 module. Just wondering if we can measure the boards temperature.

  • Hey,
    I sit here an i trye to read the temparature with the LIS2HH12 but it dosent works. What did you do that the LIS2HH12 give the Temperaturen out?
    I Hope so you see this post.

    Best wishes

  • @jmarcelino Not the answer I was hoping for, but i'm afraid you're right (as always..) Obrigado!

  • Hey @bartp

    ST advised that the temperature sensor on the LIS2HH12 isn't suitable for absolute measurements:

    "The temperature sensor can be used to measure temperature variations.
    It isn't suitable to return absolute temperatures measures. The value represents difference respect to a reference not specified value."

  • Hi @bartp

    We'll be releasing an update to the libraries to provide an offset using the ESP32's internal temp sensor and the pytrack temp sensor to help use it for env sensing.

    We'll be releasing the api for accessing the internal temp sensor (in micropython) very soon!

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