Fw: 1.6.7.b1 socket error -78 and errno 9 Ebadf

  • Hello,

    I am running an application on a LoPy that does post/get requests every n amount of minutes. The application is intended to run 24/7 but in the evening (after it has been running for hours) I get an OsError -78 following an errno 9 Ebadf. Since I catch exceptions and print them it keeps going and alternates between these errors until I reset it.

    Does anyone know what Oserror -78 stands for? and why errorno 9 occurs?

    I know that sockets have their own errors thats why it is a negative number. I was hoping someone can help me solve this; it is probably something in my code.

    The LoPy is running with firmware 1.6.7.b1 and i am using the urequests library for the https requests.

    Thank you,

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