Lopy-wlan not appearing after stoppinig mqtt example

  • I started going through the Lopy examples. I was able to upgrade the firmware to the latest release as of June 2017. I was able to sync files through the Atom plug in of Pymakr. I was also able to upload files on FileZilla and see output from Tera Term.

    However, after running the mqtt example from here, and getting the output as expected, I am not able to see the Lopy-wlan after stopping the mqtt example main.py application by pressing CTRL-C in Tera Term. I am therefore not able to sync or update the main.py application.

    How do I get the Lopy-wlan back?

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  • @mkbenon You're welcome, I just gave you some hints, glad that you manage yourself (best learning method). :o)

    Also please note that MQTT example script changes WLAN antenna mode for external (WLAN.EXT_ANT). If your LoPy setup has the external antenna - that's OK, but if not you should use default internal antenna (WLAN.INT_ANT).

  • @rskoniec said in Lopy-wlan not appearing after stoppinig mqtt example:


    Thank you so much! That worked!
    In my serial connection, I typed, "wlan.init(mode=WLAN.AP)" after importing network.

  • By default LoPy's WLAN is AP mode (WLAN.AP) and MQTT example script change that mode to Station/Client mode (WLAN.STA).

    So if you want LoPy-WLAN back you must simply change to WLAN.AP mode.

    There is also mixed mode WLAN.STA_AP.

    More info https://docs.pycom.io/pycom_esp32/library/network.WLAN.html

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