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    The new Pymate mobile app that lets you control your Pycom boards, as well as see and manage your data, is now ready for Beta.
    Remember when Roberto showed us the early prototype? (from the last piece of news we posted). Well, the app has come a fair way since. Chris (our new Visual Contents Manager) has helped Roberto and team and given it a visual make over and while the colours may still change a bit, it’s pretty much done for the first release.
    Pymate is part of our continued efforts to make “IoT” easier for everyone, It’s been developed to be a simple and intuitive development environment for prototyping and hacking with Pycom boards. Whether you are an experienced programmer or totally new, the app enables you to get your Pycom board connected and ready for programming, from the initial setup phase all the way through to seeing live data from your board and sensors.
    Pymate implements its own protocol over MQTT making the network requests smaller which also helps save bandwidth, battery and CPU usage.
    We will be posting it on the Apple and Google app stores within a couple of weeks. It’s FREE and super easy to set up and use.

    We’ll be back in touch with a nudge when it’s available on the stores (expecting that to be only a few weeks away). We hope you enjoy using it and as always welcome your feedback once you have had a chance to try it out.

    Here’s Roberto showing it to a couple of people at Thingmonk. As you will see, he’s setting up the sensor feeds with one hand…yep, ONE HAND, guys and gals that’s all it takes!
    alt text

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