utimeq in uhttpd for simple webserver

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    I am trying to use the uhttpd and it seems in the current micropython version of WiPy/LoPy it is not yet enabled/implemented. Any idea if this will be enabled some days or not planned ?

    What i want to do is to provide a http server to configure the device via wifi AP at startup, basically GET and POST methods to retrieve and save a configuration file via a form.

    I've tried this also uPython-esp8266-httpserver, removing the unecessary functions and adapting it to WiPy/LoPy however it is not really stable and behaving erratically.


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    utimeq enabled in sigfox would be awesome
    I'd like to use the latest version of picoweb on my LoPy but it has utimeq as a dependency.

  • @BetterAuto I have a running one in my micropython v1.9 unix implementation using uhttpd, I hope I will soon be able to use it on my PyCom devices.

  • Pybytes Beta

    It was suggested to me to reuse the webrepl code for a web server. I looked at it and went cross-eyed; too advanced for me yet. But yes, a solid web server is a must-have. I ended up implementing something poor but not crashing using usocket.

  • Well, me it is working while waiting for requests but sometimes with the same request it crashes, sometimes not.

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    i have the same issues, want to build a stable REST service to send/receive LoRa over WiFi. I have the http-server working with socket either it crashes after a few minutes while not getting any request.

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