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  • Hi,

    Apple announced at the WWDC this year that they will open their HomeKit for private use. If you are a developer at Apple you can already read the specification.

    I think, bringing HomeKit BLE/IP to WiPy and others would heavily boost to usage of pycom devices! To start with development on libs for HomeKit there are a few things needed e.g. the HW accel for Ecliptic curve cryptography etc.

    Perhaps we can use this topic to gather things that are needed to bring HomeKit to pycom!


  • Any news to HomeKit Integration?

  • @bucknall Hi, did you have time getting the crypto hardware to work?

  • @bucknall Hi! glad you like it! I think a simple start would be good, e.g. make the LED accessible via the Light Profile! The possibilities are than endless!

  • Hi @poebler,

    I actually worked with the existing version of homekit and used an mqtt broker + some node js magic to connect a pysense to my personal homekit!

    I'll definitely document the new changes they've made and we will try to get the elliptic curve cryptography working on our hardware to support Homekit!

    Definitely work setting up a thread to discuss this!

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