Gpy lte sdk

  • Hi, I'm stuying the sdk before the device shipping in July. I have some questions:

    1. in Firmware API references i cannot find any reference to lte connection. how do I manage it?
    2. on the spec of the device i cannot find the sim/microsim slot. Do I have to assume that is under the controller, like di Fipy?
    3. is there some emulator i can use to start testing the controller?

  • hi @bucknall,

    can you tell a date, when the documentation will be available?

    thank you

  • Thanks a lot @bucknall !

    For what you know the delivery dates for fipy, apis and docs (july 2017) will be respected?

    Since I want to start developing, do you know if the wipy + expansion board are in stocks?

  • Hi @ozeta

    A1. The reference documentation for the Firmware API is not available yet as we are still testing the devices internally and are actively making changes/updates. These will release closer to the arrival date of the FiPy.

    A2. The GPy will have a sim slot underneath the device, similar to the FiPy. The OEM solution will have an esim.

    A3. Unfortunately, there is not an emulator currently available to test with. We'll provide more updates about the product in the near future.

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