Compile firmware for wipy2.0 success, but after reboot is red light

  • Hi, ive tried to compile the firmware from scratch and to flash my wipy2.0. Ive followed the instruction from the github and all went fine.
    I`ve successfully flashed the firmware, to the point when the board reboots. Then i unplug the wire between gnd and g23, and reboot the board, but instead of the blue blinking led now there is a full red. Only way is to reflash with the flasher tool.
    any help is appreciated, thanks

  • @robert-Thank you, worked perfectly

  • @pedro You have to erase the flash before and then reload. There is an inconsistency between the pre-built images and the self-built ones. Erase the flash with:
    make erase
    and the reload with
    make flash
    You have to push reset before each make command, and the gnd/g23 wire has to be in place. Unfortuantely, the content of the local file system will be wiped out too.

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