Bluetooth libraries news?

  • Hi!

    I see that there is BLE in documentation and implementation for wipy2, but what about the state of "standard" bluetooth protocol?

    Did you have an official release date for the apis or someone created a custom library you know how can I create my own library?

  • @jmarcelino
    it sure would be very interesting but unfortunately i work almost alone and I have 3/4 months to get the things full working, and i was lucky enogh to start the project in summer season. I hope the gpy/fipy will be released before september so i can build the lte support for it or i'll have to deal with another problem lol

  • @ozeta
    You'd need to implement the RFCOMM protocol in C ( similar in complexity to implementing TCP ) and bring in Bluetooth pairing support as well from the ESP-IDF so I'd say it's a very complicated project just for reading some values from an Arduino - but if you do it I'd definitely read your thesis :)

    Maybe you can ask your advisor if you can replace the Bluetooth shield with a BLE module, you can get them for like $5 these days. Or WiFi as you say.

  • @jmarcelino
    Hi jmarceino!
    I'm currently working on my Thesis internship. My University gave me a multisensor device used as a "blackbox" (arduino + bluetooth shield + some sensors). It records some data and sends a stream of data through bluetooth (no ble) every 1/5/10 seconds.
    Currently there is a working android app and, as far as I know, reversing it, the app pairs with the device, opens a bluetooth RFCOMM socket and send/receive a stream (as a serial service, for what I understand) of plaintext values or maybe a json txt.
    This week I'll have more details about the protocol that it's implemented and I have to use

    Do you have some information I can use to get the Wipy2 work with this blackbox? My job is to get data from the blackbox and use the wipy to store the data using wifi or lte connection when the fipy will be released :D
    If I can't get a solution to use the bluetooth, i'll have to open the blackbox, change the adapter with a wifi shield and build the relative application both sides

  • @ozeta
    I suppose Bluetooth Classic will have to be supported on a profile by profile basis.

    Currently the core sdk (ESP-IDF) only supports A2DP sink profile (to accept an audio stream, such as implementing a speaker or headphone) which to me seems difficult to apply to MicroPython due to latency, RAM limitations and lack of any audio functions.

    While there are many things you can do with "raw" access to HCI layer realistically any new profiles/libraries will have to be implemented in ESP-IDF first:

    Since the Bluetooth protocol is huge with hundreds of profiles it would be helpful to know what kind of roles would you like to see implemented first?

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