Pytrack V_BCKP connection

  • Is V_BCKP (pin 6 of Quectel L76 GPS) connected to something on Pytrack ?
    This pin, usually connected to very small battery (7µA conso) would enable standby mode when pytrack is in deep_sleep mode (where I guess VCC is off), or when pytrack is off.
    Standby mode would enable 5s or 15s TTFF instead of 30s. This would save a lot of uptime !

  • Well it's not connected to the PIC16, it seems to end on one pad of an unpopulated component - the pad NOT marked with +. The other side of that component (which is marked +) then connects to 3v3_Sensors.

    I wonder what was supposed to be there - diode? - and/or why it was removed.


  • @Emmanuel-Goudot
    I think I see V_BCKP connected but not sure where to, possibly all the way to PIC16?


  • It seems after testing that L76 VCC and V_BCKP are not powered during deep_sleep.
    So backup state is not possible as it is.

    As 3v3_Pymodule is still on, would connecting V_BCKP to 3v3_Pymodule wouldn't be possible ?
    That would make consumption of 18µA+7µA=25µA in deep sleep.

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