Cannot update firmware on new WiPy v 1.3

  • I am tryiing to upgrade my new WiPy v 1.3 firmware.
    Am unable to understand the instructions.
    The WiPy is mounted to the expansion board.
    All the jumpers on the side of the expansion board are in place.

    Jumpered pin G23 to Ground.
    attached USB to Windows 10 computer.
    new unnamed USB device shows up.

    I run the PyCom Firmware updater software.
    Only choices are Com 1 or Com 4.
    Failure to update using either one.

    Error message:
    The upgrade failed, please check the connections and try the steps again.

    I've checked the connection several times. No luck.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!
    (The USB cable I used to upload these pictures is the same one I used to connect the WiPy)

  • You cannot use the pycom updater for a Wipy 1.x. These have to be updated via OTA. Images and instructions are on the web site. There is also the forum for that product.

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