External IO Header connections

  • I am trying to understand connections of pytrack (mine is labeled "V1.0") as shown here: https://docs.pycom.io/pycom_esp32/_downloads/pytrackPinoutComp.pdf
    Ext IO header pin 2 labeled "PWR_EN" should be connected to LoPy (or other) pin P3 (PWR_EN), but it is not the case.
    Ext IO header pin 9 "EXT_IO_4" is in fact connected to P4 SD_CMD
    Ext IO header pin 10 "EXT_IO_5" is in fact connected to P8 SD_DAT

    pytrackPinoutComp.pdf is quite misleading and components are also not as received board.
    Would it be possible to get updated and correct documentation ?

  • As discussed here:

    The documentation is quite incorrect.

    On the Pysense:

    • pins 3 and 4 are reversed (pin 4 is the power to the board, pin 3 power to the module)
    • pin 5 (EXT_IO0) is connected to P2 / G23 / RGB_LED
    • pin 9 (EXT_IO4) is connected to G11 / P4 / SD_CMD
    • pin 10 (EXT_IO5) is connected to P8 / G15 / SD_DAT

    Pins EXT_IO4 and EXT_IO5 are NOT connected to the PIC.

    Pins EXT_IO0, EXT_IO1 and EXT_IO2 are connected to the PIC. However they are all connected to port C, which does not allow interrupts. So the sentence:

    Interrupts EXT_IO0, EXT_IO4 & EXT_IO5 are connected to a PIC and are accessible via Pycom Libraries

    is completely incorrect. No interrupts, wrong pins.

    The situation seems to be quite similar for the Pytrack.

  • @bucknall, is there an update on this topic?

  • administrators

    @Emmanuel-Goudot Verifying this with the team - will make the corrections asap! Thanks!

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