Documentation Update - Migrated to Gitbook

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    Hi Everyone!

    Quick update - We've migrated our documentation over from our old templating engine (Sphinx) to a new markdown tool called GitBook. You can find it here, the same address as previously!

    The advantages are as follows:

    • Better searching, updates live in the client's browser
    • Easier to navigate (users can click left/right arrows to change page)
    • Community Contribution
      • If you mouse over some text a '+' will appear allowing you to create a discussion around a block of text/code in the documentation (you will need to sign into GitHub for this!)
      • The docs are now written in standard GitHub Markdown and should be easier for the community to suggest changes via discussion or by pull requests
    • Extendable via plugins (i.e. I'm working on a night mode for those of you who prefer dark documentation, aka no bright backgrounds!)

    The new docs have superseded the old documentation which can still be found at but you will have to install Sphinx/run the build scripts locally.

    Please let me know your thoughts as the documentation is there to aid and assist you, the community!



  • Pybytes Beta

    Is there any way to get Google to update? Sometimes the built-in search is inadequate.

    Here's an example search.

    As a workaround I've used

  • administrators

    @robert-hh I'm fine tuning our search - we're using algolia to optimise this so it takes a little time to build up the queries etc.


  • @TCB It looks like there is a kind of fuzzy search implemented, which includes similar sounding words, if the searched item is not found, for example:
    wake finds make, take
    make finds make only
    take finds take only
    lake finds make take, later, like, ..

    So it's more a feature than a bug.

  • There seems to be a problem with the search function. Yesterday I searched on "wake" and got lots of returns with the word "make". Tried the same thing today and just got a whole bunch or returns of words starting with"W".

    I am using Chrome as the browser.

  • administrators

    @this.wiederkehr Yep! Just caught this, looks like they weren't included on the initial push :) Fixing now!

  • Well, a lot of links are not yet functional e.g. try to open the pinout pdf on

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