Deep Sleep Shields - delivery update

  • @daniel said in Root causes of high deep sleep current:


    We have received all the surveys filled up to now and everything is going OK. We are targeting mass production of the deep sleep shields in early July and ship shortly afterwards.


    @daniel We're almost in the middle of July. How mass production is going? Everything is on the track? When can we expect delivery?

  • @ssetu
    No track !
    Yesterday morning i find a black plastic envelope in my letter box !!
    Surprise ;-)
    I contibute to the 2 pycom kickstarter projects and i am still waiting for the FiPy.

  • @dClaus
    Great! Did you receive any information from pycom to track the package while it was in transit?

  • Hello,
    I am in Belgium and I received my 3 "Deep Sleep Shields" from UK today !


    Thanks to Pycom

  • administrators

    The deep sleep shields have been shipping as of last week. You should be receiving them over the next few weeks depending on your location.

  • Hi,

    Any updates on the shipping? We really need to ship out our products in early August and would like to know if the shields would be available by then. Else we will get started on some makeshift solution.

  • Here is info from FiPy KS Comments section:

    Hi Rafal,
    Manufacturing started 10th July and will be shipped to us 19th July. No problems to report.
    Thanks Fred

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