increment files in SD card in python on Sipy

  • I am having trouble storing more then 100kb in a txt file on an SD card connected to my sipy. I have tryed to create a new file when the data gets close to the max it can store.
    this is some of the code i am using.
    this is the error i am getting
    any help would be great


  • Thanks anyway but the problem fixed itself after I updated the firmware and made a few other changes to my code but i still don't know what the problem was but am all good now.

    Kind regards,

  • @chrisi Did you mount the SD card before trying to write? That's not include in the code snippet you used. And I am a little bit puzzled that you get an I2C buss error?

  • Hi @chrisi,

    This error doesn't look like its related to the SD but rather the accelerometer library you are using - if it's not an issue, would you mind posting your entire please?

    This way I can better troubleshoot your problem!



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