Reading descriptors of BLE Client GATTc device

  • Hi there,

    Is there anyway to read descriptors within gattc devices? I'm connecting to a HM-10 BLE Device.

    bluetooth = Bluetooth()
    conn = bluetooth.connect(binascii.unhexlify("D43639DE7A5A"))[2].characteristics()[0].write("HI")

    This works, my serial shows "HI"
    However, I'm unable to change the setting to enable indications/notifications on the bluetooth device.
    Usually I have to write (b'\x01\x00') to the first descriptor of[2].characteristics()[0]

    e.g.[2].characteristics()[0].descriptor[0].write(b'\x01\x00') to enable indications.

    But there is no such function descriptor.

    Callback will never work as ble devices will have to manually enable the indication / notification flag.

    Hope you guys can assist me.

  • Have started on issue on this in github

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