New Pytrack and Pysense firmware release (0.0.4)

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    Firmware release 0.0.4 for Pytrack and Pysense is now available. Here's the change log:

    • Recover gracefully from I2C bus errors.
    • Implement I2C slave clock stretching in order to avoid Rx buffer overflows.

    Basically this new firmware solves a bug that would cause the Pytrack or Pysense to become unresponsive on the I2C bus until a power cycle was performed.

    Please follow this instructions in order to install the new firmware:

    Important: When applying this release to a Pytrack or Pysense board, make sure to be running the latest firmware on the Pycom module as well, since clock stretching support was only added 2 releases ago (on 1.7.5.b1).


  • @jmarcelino It turned out when I used a different computer it worked first time. Thanks for the help anyway I think it may have been a motherboard issue.



  • Is it now possible to wake up from deep Sleep (py.setup_sleep(SLEEP_TIME) & py.go_to_sleep()) from one of the EXT_IO header ?

  • @chrisi
    Did you connect the USB while pressing the button on the Pytrack/Pysense? Also remember you only get about 6 seconds to run the dfu-util command after that, goes quite quickly.

    You might also need to run it with sudo.

  • I have tried updating both the Pytrack and Pysense but keep on getting the error "No DFU capable USB device available". I have tried both Debian on a raspbian and Fedora on a computer. Have tried all com ports on devices and different cables. Any Ideas?



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