WiPy 2.0 BT steak status?

  • What is the status of the Bluetooth steak for WiPy2.0?
    In particular would it be possible to write a python HID host application to serve BT2.1 gamepad?

  • @Ralph
    Sorry as well I was under the same assumption.

  • @dimage @jmarcelino Sorry, I didn't realise it was about Bluetooth Classic. Like you say, it's under development at Espressif. They will work on it after BLE is finished, so then you can expect it from us as well. I'm sorry you still have to wait for it.

  • The mote i have in mind is BK3231 based and most currenly available gamepads i found are non BLE unfortunately.

  • @Ralph That is a really good read though the question here is about Bluetooth Classic, which isn't mentioned in the update.

    From what I follow irt ESP-IDF core development, Espressif is focusing on Bluetooth LE first - which is a great place to start - but the RivieraWaves Bluetooth 4.2 stack they licensed is dual mode so they should support Classic at some point as well.

    @dimage Is BTv4 Low Energy HID (aka HID over GATT) an option? I'd expect that to come sooner since it basically maps to what's already there. Plus it's much more efficient! :-)

  • @TravisT Daniel wrote an extensive update on this, including the bluetooth stack update here: https://forum.pycom.io/topic/386/development-status-update

  • Almost 2 months since the last reply.

    Can there be more transparency with this? Status, roadmap, anything?


  • Just wondering what IDK means.
    Some mixing beween SDK and IDF? :-)

  • @dimage

    Yes: at https://www.pycom.io/gettingstarted/ they now state:

    Please be aware that the Bluetooth functionality of the board is still very limited due to missing software support from the Espressif IDK. We are in close contact with the Espressif team and we are working as fast as we can to bring all the Bluetooth and BLE features to the module. Please stay tuned for the firmware updates that we will be making available shortly.

    It would be nice to get an update from someone at Pycom about this.

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