Pymakr Visual Studio Code released

  • One day after releasing Pybytes Beta, we have another release ready: Pymakr for Visual Studio Code! It's now downloadable from the VSC marketplace. Installation is easy: in VSC, go to extensions, search for Pymakr and click 'install'.

    VSC Marketplace link: Pymakr
    Github link: pycom/pymakr-vsc

    Features and differences
    Features are pretty much the same as the Atom plugin. It has the same REPL terminal, sync and run works exactly the same and settings are also split between 'global' and 'project'. There are a few key differences in usage though:

    • Features are accessible through buttons on the left bottom instead of above the terminal
    • All features are also accessible using the cmd+shift+p command panel
    • The intergrated terminal of VSC is used. You can switch between your other shells or the debug/output tabs and Pymakr.
    • You can close the terminal without losing connection or the sync and run buttons. (But keep in mind to manually disconnect using the 'pycom console' button on the left bottom)

    For a more advanced description of the features, check the github or VSC marketplace links above. We'll be adding and extended manual with screenshots and examples to the docs soon!

    Let us know what you think of the plugin and feel free to post any feedback or feature requests in this topic. For bug reports you can file issues on github.

  • @ralph
    when i press download into new folder (pymakr VS configured on COM port)
    all files are downloaded but 3 of them cannot be downloaded
    tried many times with reset, disconnect ...

    Downloading 3 files...
    [1/3] Reading lib/
    Failed to download lib/
    [2/3] Reading lib/
    Failed to download lib/
    [3/3] Reading lib/
    Failed to download lib/

    this is how it looks like in Filezilla:

    Do you have any concept what can be wrong? - because e.g. file is quite small
    name is also in lower letters without numbers - nothing special. is really small file 696 bytes...
    I can of course do this by Filezilla but..

  • @ralph I can confirm the same issue as well when trying to upload files when memory is low on the device.

    However, saying that, I just wanted to say after playing with both Atom and VSC, I rate VSC miles ahead of Atom in terms of usability and reliability of the plugin and am loving coding in it. The only thing more I could possibly want is the ability for VSC to be able to read/know about the pycom/micropython libraries so all the error warnings would go away haha

    But again, awesome work and thanks for working on it.

  • @ralph

    Does it do this every time after it throws the memory error?

    Yes, all the times

  • Hi @livius, Does it do this every time after it throws the memory error? Looks like the 'not enough memory' error doesn't cancel the upload procedure, which it should. Will check this out.

    The 'not enough memory' error will be worked around in the next Atom (and firmware) release, where it puts the board in safe boot automatically before performing the upload, avoiding any memory issues. We'll add this to the VSCode plugin as well soon.

  • @ralph
    one issue:
    when board have not enought memory and i press upload
    it try to sync all files and folders.. but i have only one modified


    It looks like it cannot read files and thing that no files are present on the board

    Uploading project (main folder)...
    > Failed to connect (Not enough memory available on the board.). Press any key to try again.
    Reading file status
    Failed to read project status, uploading all files
    Creating dir lib
    [1/41] Writing file
    Disconnected. Press any key to reconnect. # i press here disconnect
    Upload failed. Please reboot your device manually.
    Connecting on COM3...

    also will be good to have disconnect and connect buttons as separate buttons not as menu

  • I must say that previously i have abandoned using pymakr and also pymakr plugin for Atom.
    But now i give another try with Pymakr plugin for VSC and it work really well.

    Thank you

  • Very nice! Thank you.

    I have two LoPy's connected to VSC via wifi, each syncing from their own editor window. This makes debugging my client/host app over LoRa so much easier.

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