Open source base board as a starting point

  • I like the pycom kit and would like to design a base-board. However I think many of us need the same functionality - a solar charger, GPS and some Grove connectors.

    • Is there an interest in putting together a community CAD design that anyone could use as a starting point for their exploits?
    • Would any of the baseboards currently sold by picom be available to be used as a starting point for our designs?

  • @VladimirAkopyan

    there are a couple of expansion boards already which I think are enough for prototyping and even smaller units


    Given the pricing and the fact that the grove connectors while nice to have are not essential whats the value add?

    You can also use grove with pycom base boards you just need the grove to pin adapter

    The only thing left is a solar trickle charger but these shouldnt be too hard to get

    I think i know where you are coming from but just dont think there is an urgent need - maybe there is


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