Huge problems with moving documentation

  • Again I see that the documentation have moved, and all previous links are again invalidated. This is a big problem for our company as we are creating guides for using pycom devices together with our services. Having to change out all the links in all our guides regularly is a huge problem as the guides will a lot of the time be wrong. I do understand the need from time to time to change the layout of a fairly new website, but what I can not understand is why all the previous links are not redirected to the new URI. If this had happened once or maybe even twice, it would be fine, but I feel like this is happening ever other week lately. With several hundreds of units and a lot of users, we do need to have our own, more detailed tutorials for using the services we provide. But when it comes to links to firmware or information that are documented on your site, it should be possible to have links to your documentation. Redirecting invalid links should take you about 10 minutes and save your users and customers hours.


  • Hi @tveito,

    This is the only time that the links to the documentation will have changed.

    We have never migrated the docs previously and are using the new platform permanently going forward.

    If you can drop me an email at, I'm happy to work with you to ensure we can get your docs links fixed. I'm also discussing how we can, internally, work to re-validate the broken links.

    Kind Regards,



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