WiPy 2.0 to send data to dweet.io and then display the data into freeboard.io

  • Hi All,

    I'm trying to send data from my WiPy device to the dweet.io site using a "post" call.
    I'm using the following lib: https://github.com/micropython/micropython-lib/blob/master/urequests/urequests.py

    And I wrote the following code (Note, the indentation does not work here and I used .... instead)

    import urequests
    import json

    myData = {'Value_1': 20, 'Value_2': 300}

    ....response = urequests.post("https://dweet.io/dweet/for/TheThing", data = json.dumps(myData))
    except Exception as e:

    I'm receiving back the following message


    As you can see the payload ({'Value_1': 20, 'Value_2': 300}) is not passed through and I'm running out of idea on why this is happening.

    Does anyone has an idea or suggestion ?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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