What can run on the ULP co-processor?

  • Is it possible to do a simple count on the ULP co-processor which counts depending on an accelerometer value for minimal power consumption? What else is possible to do on the ULP?

  • Any news on the ability to utilize the ULP through micropython APIs?

  • @chrisi
    The ULP isn't very useful here at the moment because 1) There is no way to access it from Python 2) The current boards can't go into full deep sleep with only the ULP running

    For example the Pytrack uses a small external PIC16 micro to handle the low power tasks, while the main device is powered off.

    You could ask Pycom if the Pytrack could be made to do what you need, try posting exactly what functionality you require in the firmware enhancements request section: https://forum.pycom.io/category/15/enhancements

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