utilizing the UPL Co-Processor

  • Currently the SiPy and LoPy are only good for IOT applications which involve deep sleeping for long periods due high power consumption when on and battery limitations. There are many applications which constant monitoring of something is needed and recorded. Giving us the ability to access the UPL Co-Processor for simple monitoring tasks such recording the number of accelerometer rotations or other tasks which involve small amounts of computing power would be very useful. I dont know if this is even possible in python but it would drastically increase the IOT applications which could be performed on a pycom device.

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  • @bucknall thanks that is very reassuring. I am looking forward to when this feature is implemented.

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  • Hi @chrisi,

    This is coming to our devices in the future. We effectively play a game of cat & mouse with Espressif, following their IDF updates with our MicroPython updates. We're working on increasing a number of stability points with our firmware and then will be implementing the ULP features of the ESP32.

    Thanks for your patience!


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