WiPy <> Smartphone Communication

  • Since WiPy comes with WLAN.AP mode enabled out of the box, I can connect my iPhone/Android phone to the WiFi network with the SSID that looks like this: "wipy-wlan-xxxx". However, I don't know how I can programmatically send and receive data back and forth between my phone and WiPy.


    (1) Any suggestion about how to send/receive data on the WiPy using Python?

    (2) Any advice about how to send/receive data on the iPhone/Android using Objective-C or Java? I use PhoneGap/Cordova instead of native language, can I keep using it or do I have to do it with native language?

    Do I need to establish a client-server socket connection on both end? Is there a way to do it like a direct p2p connection?

  • Android and WiPy

    I' m working with this app from 2016 without problems.
    Remarks!! The used Android apps that I am using
    from the 2016 are the one that I find when I faced
    the same question that you have.
    Install(*) from Google Play Store the
    Mocha Telnet free application to open a micropython REPL session. To load drivers on WiPy boards, install AndFTP ( in my case) .
    Connect to WiFi WiPy network using www.wipy.io as password.
    In order to get the Python REPL, open
    MochaTelnet and from the menu select
    Telnet Settings and enter the IP ( for WiPy 1.0) or IP ( for WiPy 2.0 and LoPy) and the Telnet port number 23.
    Now return to main menu of Mocha Telnet
    an select Connect and at the login prompt
    in telnet terminal enter micro and
    at password prompt enter python.
    That is all.

    Federico Monaldi -July 10 2016

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